How to pray silently?

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Here are a few tips from me on how to pray silently. The numbering doesn’t imply which tip is more important that the other. All tips are equally important. Learn them for they are simple and easy to remember. Here we go:

1.) Sit or stand in a suitable prayer posture. Sitting posture is good for long hours of praying. Standing is good for a short time of prayer.
2.) Go to a place where you’re least likely to be disturbed. Switch off or put your mobile/pager/beeper on silent.
3.) Joining hands in prayer is a good choice. Some may find raising both hands in the air helps to focus on God in a better way.
4.) Avoid munching, chewing gum/food while praying. This is a sign of respect, that you don’t put bodily needs over your prayer needs.
5.) Read the Bible or if you don’t have the Bible try to pray out some of the Psalms or the words of Jesus that you remember preached to you.
6.) Voice out in your mind the same things to God which you’d voice out when normally speaking to Him.
7.) Always have an idea about what you’re praying for e.g. peace, guidance etc. This is particularly useful when two or more are supposed to pray silently about the same thing.

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