Learn from a preacher the right way

Sometimes we all need a good preaching to improve ourselves. So we go out to hear a minister of God to hear the Good news. Be it a retreat or a seminar, you always have some preacher teaching over there. The words of the preacher should be of benefit to you. However you need to learn it well so that you can put it to practice. So, when learning the word of God from a preacher learn it the right way. Here is something you can try out:-

1.Don’t get bored by the ambiance or sleepy audience but focus on the words divine.
2.Never make too much of the preachers training back ground or education. I mean don’t get scared but neither be awestruck.
3.Understand in what context is the preacher trying to speak. This removes the guesswork.
4.Try to find if the teaching tallies up with the teachings of the Gospel.
5.If a preacher asks a question about a point he is teaching on and if you don’t know then say that you don’t know. Don’t pretend you know. It’ll save you from false understanding.
6.Some preachers rely on emotional appeal. Beware of this. Don’t get taken up by the jokes or secular tales he puts in to explain or you’ll miss the real spiritual points. Last thing you want here is when after the preaching service someone asks you what the preacher said and all you can answer is the you have enjoyed  it but can’t recollect any point of the sermon.
7.Try to sit in a posture in which you can pay attention.
8.If you are standing make sure that you can stand all through the preaching or get yourself a place to it. This is valid if the preaching will take hours. If there is no alternative but to stand all through the preaching then at least be happy that you are getting something to learn!
9.If possible try to make written notes of the preaching. If this is difficult or you didn’t get your book then try to make mental notes of the teaching.
10.Discern well. If the preacher is teaching an incorrect doctrine or over preaching and you can’t tell him about it, then the least you can do is not to follow his teaching.
11.If the preacher talks about only about one topic all the while without any valid reason, this is when you are with him for a series of days then it’s time to either politely confront him in private of course or move on to another preacher. Like if every time Sunday after Sunday the preacher only talks about giving donations even if the gospel text is having nothing do with the donation bit then use your mind and ask God to either change him or save you your time and get you a another preacher.
12.Respect the preacher but never idolize him! Need I say anything more on this one?
13.Try to recollect at home after the preaching about what the preacher said and how can you apply this to help you in your walk with God.
14. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand the teaching. This is the most important thing you could ever do.

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