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Jesus the King of all

Crowned is Christ with many crowns,
Enough take all your frowns.
Majestic in glory and power,
He sends us the blessing shower.

Angels in millions adore his name,
Even on earth is his fame.
Demons tremble at his mention,
And saints give him full attention.

Seated at his Father’s right hand,
To him belongs every land.
Birds and animals are His creation,
Only He can give true Salvation.

Jesus the King is never defeated,
By the devil who is conceited.
The galaxies and oceans to him belong,
His reign is forever and long.

He’ll be there on Judgment day,
And he will have the main say.
Christ has won victory over the Fall,
So one day that God may be all in all.


I am an Overcomer

Born to overcome the world so dark,
I have God’s heavenly spark.
It’s the light of Christ that shines,
Along the seas and mountain pines.

Not here to be deceived,
Salvation I’ve received.
Christ overcame sin at the cross,
The Evil one is at a loss.

Partaker of Jesus’ nature from high,
No reason to put on a sigh.
I walk in life secure and full,
Guided by the Holy Spirit’s pull.

The Gates of Hell can’t prevail,
For God’s help I avail.
He gives me grace all season,
As Christ loves faith, that’s my reason.


I’ve found a poem by an unknown author about a Christian life lost to materialism. Hope you read through it and understand the message.


I counted dollars, while God counted crosses;
I counted gains, while God counted losses.

I counted my worth, my things gained in store;
And He sized me up by the scars that I bore.

I counted honors and sought degrees,
He counted the hours I spent on my knees.

I never knew until one day by the grave,
How vain are the things that we spend life to save.

Bible only stance misuse

Many people nowadays are trying to adopt the Bible only approach towards the things of God. Well this isn’t the best practice at all because some people misuse it.

For example, there have been many false teachings by those who adopted the Bible only approach. To name a few; Sabellianism, and Unitarianism are great heretic religions, that falsely claim to be of Christ but they clearly deny the faith on his divinity and to certain degrees his humanity. (Look up for this on the internet or any Christian library if you want to verify this) They felt their interpretation was the ONLY right interpretation. Did they care about the Holy Spirit’s opinion? Clearly, they did not.

You must understand the scriptures in the right context. Sometimes this context has to be understood through other sources such as history, elders, preachers and most important the Holy Spirit too. Those who rely only on the Bible, and never bother getting counsel from the Holy Spirit, can be deceived.

I find it very weird that people (even in this age) read the Bible but never ask God to reveal himself in it to them. Reminds me of the Pharisees and Sadducees in the time of Jesus who read the scriptures which spoke of Jesus, yet they refused to recognized him as the Son of God.

And for the record this write up is NOT about a call to throw away your Bible. This is a call to read your Bible along with the Holy Spirit than relying on your own instincts. Happy reading and believing!

The Kill zone avoidance (discernment)

Today I tell you about the Kill zone and how to avoid being there.

Let me tell you what a kill zone means: An area in which a commander
plans to force the enemy to concentrate so as to be destroyed with
conventional weapons or the tactical employment of nuclear weapons.
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense

A wide open ground with hidden land mines but having a box of jewels
at the center as bait is a kill zone. Who knows who would actually get
there without getting hurt?

The devil is the enemy and seeks to get as many easy targets by
setting up a kill zone of pride, jealousy and plain stupidity. And he
makes a good killing over there.

If the armies of God are NOT fighting in a specific battle, then you
shouldn’t fight there either. Playing lone ranger Christian has gotten
many well meaning Christians into serious trouble.

When you know that God is not wanting you to go to preach in a village
right away but rather wait in prayer for 1 year and then go to 10
villages then do so. Don’t let the enemy tempt you into a kill zone of
depending of self effort and not the work of the cross.

Suppose you are called to be a missionary and all you do is sit at
work and don’t renounce your wordy commitments you are in the enemy’s
kill zone. Just get off your chair and be in the seminary. Don’t be in
the kill zone of worldly ways.

If you are trying to be right with God without depending on the grace
and faith that comes from Christ you are in the kill zone. Many people
try to achieve their righteousness when no one can achieve it. This
can only come from Christ. Don’t be in the kill zone of self
righteousness and self justification.

When you know a certain habit or being in a certain place at a certain
can cause to lose your peace in Christ move out of the kill zone. If
you have anger issues avoid the situations that make you lose it.

If you get jealous of people who look better than you then stop
watching fashion shows or reading fashion magazines and take a walk.
Walk about the roads and see people who are fatter than you perform
greater acts of kindness than you. You might end up losing that excess
weight too.

See its that simple. Getting out of the kill zone saves you not only
your time, effort and energy it goes a long way in saving your life
and helps in your sanctification.

Poem – Justified


Is a truth and no lie,
A sinful soul shall die.
Punished is wayward living,
With death and misgiving.

Sin cuts all loose ends,
Can’t see beyond the bends.
Freedom from sin is much in need,
A saving that is guaranteed.

There’s no forgiveness without the shedding of blood,
Need mercy cover you like a flood.
Believe in Jesus to be saved,
No longer to be enslaved.

Sins price all paid by the Savior,
He saves from bad behavior.
Sanctified, blessed and purified,
Live your life that God be glorified.

In him and with him all confessed,
Truly, truly are you blessed.
I confess I am justified,
By faith in Christ crucified.

Learn to understand what comes from God and what comes from man

pic 9

Beware of what you believe in. There is much talk by many theologians and preachers. Some of them are highly presumptuous of what God actually wants of a person. Therefore learn to understand what comes from God and what comes from man.

Let me make it real to you in the context of healing though there are other contexts like marriage, finances etc. I’ve been to many retreats, seminars and oratories wherein there was a ‘healing service’ in which the healing minister of God as I would call them, held the claim that he/she healed a lot of people through prayer. Though I didn’t have need of any healing I wanted to learn from them as to how they are used by God to heal.

I would be amazed to see so many people cured of various ills and diseases. I would go to such places often. Then for certain years I wasn’t able to be part of any such things. Years later I decide to go again to such healing ministers. Suddenly instead of the Welcome-everyone-attitude came the legalistic-attitude. Obviously I no longer go at their doors. They would say bold and harsh statements like:

  1. “If you have AIDS or HIV its God’s Gift to you for sinning and God will NOT heal you”.
  2. “It’s God’s WILL and DESIRE that you keep suffering from your sickness like Paul” and they quote 2 Corinthians 12: 7-9 Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. 8 Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. 9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.
  3. “I sense God is healing some person of this and this disease but I say to this person, come up and testify on the stage right now or you will LOSE your healing”.

Mostly these were the same orators whom I heard earlier but then later their behavior changed. They started putting such conditions that even Jesus himself would not put. Now I’ll tackle all of the 3 statements. Here we go:

  1. What if the person got AIDS or HIV due to blood transfusion? Would it be because of sin, no not at all. Even if a person got AIDS or HIV due to a sinful lifestyle but now is willing to follow Christ why should there be an obstacle in that persons restoration by the Lord Jesus. Sickness is NEVER the Lord God’s gift to any one. Last time I read the Bible and please note that I’ve read the whole Bible end to end, I never saw a verse about any one being “gifted” a sickness by God. Such lies are INVENTED in Hell and must rejected by every person who believes in Christ.
  2. In all the Bible there is only one case in which a person was not getting cured/healed by God. Only 1. At the same time if you read the same verses above (2 Corinthians 12:7-9) the context is completely different as to why was the case. Also these verses are highly disputed by many theologians. The main point here is that Paul had to get a PERSONAL revelation and voice DIRECTLY from God that he wouldn’t be cured. What is strange is that such healing ministers say that is God’s Will that you suffer as such but ask them if they Lord had personally told them each and every detail of the sickness of your sickness which you didn’t tell them and now ask them to mention even that revelation in detail. They will begin giving you UNCLEAR and CONFUSING answers. Now you’ll realize man and not God is speaking.
  3. Even when Jesus healed the woman who had the issue of blood (Read Mark 5:25-34 in your free time) he NEVER put a condition on her to Testify or she would lose healing. Not a single instance is ever recorded in the Bible both in the Old and New Testament of any healing minister of God back there saying ‘come and testify right now or you will LOSE your healing’. Scripture tells us to imitiate Christ (Ephesians 5:1 and 1 Corinthians 11:1) and obviously putting such limits on a person is not at all Christ-like.

Going to the context of vocations; Never take up any vocation just based on a person’s opinion that it comes from God. Check this out with God himself in prayer and reading of the scriptures. There are truly blessed men (and women) of God who told me a lot of things on vocation and gave some types of prophecies but I didn’t jump the gun but instead just noted their words in a book and went on with my life. Then I kept checking with God as to which of these came from HIM and how to go to the next step.

Some decisions like the vow-of-celibacy (not getting married) or doing full time ministry (both lay and religious) for the sake of the Gospel are “life changing decisions” and should not be based on the words of man but only if God is willing for it. And for this you need to discern.

So to summarize: Learn to understand what comes from God and what comes from man. Do this by praying to God and diligent reading of the Bible (Its a great help in this regard to take help of the Holy Spirit on this).

Pray expecting results

Sometimes we just need to pray expecting results instead of saying “let it be so if its the will of God“.

Maybe someday I will explain why so many people say “let it be so if its the will of God” when then they ask something of God (but that day is not today). So for now lets get back to the point about praying expecting results.

Just the other day I was locked out of my own house and lost my house keys. There were no spare keys. I was searching for about 20 minutes for the keys but no use. Even the neighbors pitched in and started looking out for the keys.

I realized that this is no longer a problem that can be solved by mere searching. So I called up a friend and we both prayed together in line with Matt 19:20 “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”

She asked if the key is not found would I be able to stay at the neighbors to which I said yes. However, there’s where the “let it be so if its the will of God” thing stopped. Both of us desired that the key is found and I able to enter my own house that night. So after a single solemn prayer which was pretty much a free flowing prayer I ended the call and started searching. When searching I could hear the sound of the key and started searching even more faster and got it back, all within 5 minutes of the prayer said.

So I informed my friend that the keys are found and we gave praise to God. Simple and true!

There was clarity about my intentions. It was a genuine pressing need. Plus we believed in God to answer us favorably.

What we can learn from this is that when you are praying in line with the words of the Bible and your need is genuine you can pray expecting results.

This is something which the Lord Jesus too spoke about in the scriptures:

As they passed by in the morning, they saw the fig tree withered away to its roots. And Peter remembered and said to him, “Rabbi, look! The fig tree that you cursed has withered.” And Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God. Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Mark 11:20-24)

Some things you can try:

  • If you want to increase your learning of the Gospel or grown in the Spirit ask the Lord who will respond.
  • If you want someone to get healed, ask Him and don’t hesitate.
  • If you find it a bit hard to pray by yourself, get in a prayer agreement with another Christian brother or sister.
  • Try to reduce instances in which you are not sure of what you are praying for.
  • Avoid situations as much as you can where you have to say “let it be so if its the will of God”
  • Challenge your own faith to increase.

Hope this helps you to pray expecting results.

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