The Kill zone avoidance (discernment)

Today I tell you about the Kill zone and how to avoid being there.

Let me tell you what a kill zone means: An area in which a commander
plans to force the enemy to concentrate so as to be destroyed with
conventional weapons or the tactical employment of nuclear weapons.
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense

A wide open ground with hidden land mines but having a box of jewels
at the center as bait is a kill zone. Who knows who would actually get
there without getting hurt?

The devil is the enemy and seeks to get as many easy targets by
setting up a kill zone of pride, jealousy and plain stupidity. And he
makes a good killing over there.

If the armies of God are NOT fighting in a specific battle, then you
shouldn’t fight there either. Playing lone ranger Christian has gotten
many well meaning Christians into serious trouble.

When you know that God is not wanting you to go to preach in a village
right away but rather wait in prayer for 1 year and then go to 10
villages then do so. Don’t let the enemy tempt you into a kill zone of
depending of self effort and not the work of the cross.

Suppose you are called to be a missionary and all you do is sit at
work and don’t renounce your wordy commitments you are in the enemy’s
kill zone. Just get off your chair and be in the seminary. Don’t be in
the kill zone of worldly ways.

If you are trying to be right with God without depending on the grace
and faith that comes from Christ you are in the kill zone. Many people
try to achieve their righteousness when no one can achieve it. This
can only come from Christ. Don’t be in the kill zone of self
righteousness and self justification.

When you know a certain habit or being in a certain place at a certain
can cause to lose your peace in Christ move out of the kill zone. If
you have anger issues avoid the situations that make you lose it.

If you get jealous of people who look better than you then stop
watching fashion shows or reading fashion magazines and take a walk.
Walk about the roads and see people who are fatter than you perform
greater acts of kindness than you. You might end up losing that excess
weight too.

See its that simple. Getting out of the kill zone saves you not only
your time, effort and energy it goes a long way in saving your life
and helps in your sanctification.

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