Bible only stance misuse

Many people nowadays are trying to adopt the Bible only approach towards the things of God. Well this isn’t the best practice at all because some people misuse it.

For example, there have been many false teachings by those who adopted the Bible only approach. To name a few; Sabellianism, and Unitarianism are great heretic religions, that falsely claim to be of Christ but they clearly deny the faith on his divinity and to certain degrees his humanity. (Look up for this on the internet or any Christian library if you want to verify this) They felt their interpretation was the ONLY right interpretation. Did they care about the Holy Spirit’s opinion? Clearly, they did not.

You must understand the scriptures in the right context. Sometimes this context has to be understood through other sources such as history, elders, preachers and most important the Holy Spirit too. Those who rely only on the Bible, and never bother getting counsel from the Holy Spirit, can be deceived.

I find it very weird that people (even in this age) read the Bible but never ask God to reveal himself in it to them. Reminds me of the Pharisees and Sadducees in the time of Jesus who read the scriptures which spoke of Jesus, yet they refused to recognized him as the Son of God.

And for the record this write up is NOT about a call to throw away your Bible. This is a call to read your Bible along with the Holy Spirit than relying on your own instincts. Happy reading and believing!

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