Christ undefeated!

This thought just came to my mind, that Christ is undefeated. Death couldn’t keep him in the grave forever. Sin couldn’t dirty him. Sickness faded at his rebuke and demons could never out do him. The devil is really scared of him till this day.

Christ overcame the cross. He made Herod’s plan to kill him a total mess. The Pharisees tried to stop his gospel but never succeeded. Christ succeeds even this day.

No matter what happens on the earth. No matter what happens to the economy. Christ is undefeated!

Sometimes all Christians need to remind themselves about this and each other as well. Life is too short to measure it by the economy or what movie you last went to. Look at life with a view of eternity. Little tyrants here and there spring up and then comes their time on earth. Leaders grow up, gain your votes, rule a while and then become nondescript unless they didn’t their country real good.

Christ remains king forever. He kingship never ends. Never will he lose to the Devil nor any scheme of man.

You got to remind yourself this again and again. This should help you stand your ground in this world where things have nowadays been really shaky. You have a victorious Lord in the heavens. Don’t look down but look up to Christ who can make all things new. Stay mindful of the many victories of Christ.



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