Eight Pillars of the Lukewarm Church

Eight great steps to keep your church weak and lukewarm. (Avoid them!)

1. Don’t talk about the Hell or the Judgments of God. You can talk about Love, Mercy & forgiveness. But Wrath, Judgments & Hell are just not popular messages anymore.
2. Don’t talk about speaking in tongues, because of its strangeness, you don’t want to scare anyone away.
3. Don’t talk about deliverance, demonic attacks or Spiritual warfare, these subjects are only for a select few, not everyone.
4. Don’t acknowledge any current prophets, any current visions, or any current prophesies. You’ll need to protect your church’s reputation from anything controversial.  If someone in your congregation is getting vision or prophecies, talk to them privately but don’t let the congregation know about these.
6. Don’t use the Laying on of Hands.
7. Preach the Cross is something they don’t need to pick up.
8. Don’t talk about being filled with the Holy Spirit, just assume that once a person says a little prayer and attends church, that he is already full of the Spirit, and nothing else is needed.


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