Prepare yourself spiritually for Christmas

treeChristmas will be coming in a few weeks. Lots of people are already on their toes preparing the house and kids for Christmas. Even non Christians try to hang up some decorations at their places as they too don’t want to miss on enjoyment. I read somewhere, that now atheists too are getting themselves Christmas stockings, though their stockings promote atheistic themes.

Apart from working on the physical aspects like cleaning the house, decorating it, cooking up the tastiest stuff that you can, there is something else too! Yes, prepare yourself spiritually for Christmas.

Here are few tips on how you can prepare yourself spiritually for Christmas:

  1. Prepare like Christ arrives on Earth for the second time.
  2. Learn and practice all the praise and worship songs you can. Try to sing with meaning. Don’t forget the Christmas Carols.
  3. Send your post cards to your friends and dear ones.  Or simply call them up. Spread the Christmas cheer.
  4. Read as many Bible verses as you can about the promise of the Messiah and his coming on Earth. And then meditate on them and ponder upon their meaning.
  5. Feed and help orphans and the underprivileged of society. If you don’t like walking the streets for this, then let me tell you that a safe way to do this is by visiting dedicated orphanages and destitute shelter homes in your city.
  6. Teach one and another, especially the kids about Jesus. Its a nice time to preach the gospel when the atmosphere all around is of celebration. Everybody needs a reminder on gospel truth to increase their faith.
  7. Go to church and pray there. Nothing like a group prayer in the house of God. Sing along too!
  8. Take all the leaves from office or college in advance if you feel they might come in the way of preparing up for Christmas.
  9. Wherever you are; Pray! Pray! Pray!

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