Fight the spiritual battle well


It is impossible to be a true soldier of Jesus Christ and not fight.
– J. Gresham Machen

The prayers of holy men appease God’s wrath, drive away temptations, resist and overcome the Devil, procure the ministry and service of angels, rescind the decrees of God. Prayer cures sickness and obtains pardon; it arrests the sun in its course and stays the wheels of the chariot of the moon; it rules over all gods and opens and shuts the storehouses of rain; it unlocks the cabinet of the womb and quenches the violence of fire; it stops the mouths of lions and reconciles our suffering and weak faculties with the violence of torment and violence of persecution; it pleases God and supplies all our need.
– Jeremy Taylor

The kingdom of God has always been at war with the kingdom of the devil. Though this war is not usually noticed by the earthly minded, its only pain and suffering the causes people to start asking spiritual questions when they have exhausted all earthly answers. The spiritual battles are fights for the supremacy over a persons soul and body and even the mind. The devil tries to reclaim those who came to Christ. While Christ helps those who call to him in the hour of temptation.

If you recollect the Our Father prayer, also called as the Lord’s prayer, it mentions “but deliver us from evil” (Matthew 6:13). If you are facing temptation remember that it comes from the Evil One. Christ can deliver you from evil.

Do know what is evil? Sickness is evil and so is demon possession. Robbing and murder are evil. Credit card and identity theft are evil. Fight all the evil back. Do your earthly duties and counter check well but don’t stop at that. Get involved spiritually.

Pray for deliverance from evil in all its forms. Pray for others too. Pray for your loved ones. When you read a newspaper and check out something online and see crimes being reported or natural disasters, don’t get into a negative debate or a pity party. Instead start praying that the afflicted are delivered from their evil predicament and justice is served without delay. This is the positive thing you can do.

Though all believers are called to cast out demons not everyone exercises their right to cast out demons. If you understand the reality of the scriptures on this, it would be essential that you help people who are oppressed by evil spirits. I mentioned a while ago a few principles to cast out demons. If you want to know what was it, click here. If a person appointed by the church wants to cast out demons, let them do so but remember not to let them totally cut you off from your right to cast out demons. Have faith in Christ, keep your repentance true and take charge of the spiritual battles you face.


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