Wisdom in purchasing

Jesus expects his people to be wise in all areas of life. So we try to implement wisdom everywhere including times when we buy things.

Making purchases for things such as food, clothing, medicine is a normal part of life. There’s then buying of clothes, perfumes etc. What matters in this is whatever you purchase actually benefits you in both the short and long term.

Buying something and ending up paying multiple times over in repairs due to it being faulty is simply not worth it. Using a credit card instead of cash, cheques or debit card must be done carefully. Because everytime you buy using credit card you actually taking a loan of sorts. This can impact your credit history in your state as well.

Spending over entertainment should be limited. You don’t earn all that money at work to throw it away into silly reality shows and movies. Watch stuff that actually educates you or atleast has a good moral at the end. Why end up purchasing music videos and DVD’s of music artists who are every few months into rehab for alcohol and drug addiction? Hope you don’t pass on such things to your kids at home.

About kid’s, not everything that’s labelled for kids is child friendly. Avoid buying sugary stuff for them. Whenever buying food always check for sugar, sodium and nutrition values and only then buy. I strongly object against buying of genetically modified food, actually it should be called genetically tampered food.

Buying of clothes should be something for you first. People spend loads of money for costly clothes so that they can look awesome. Why, because they want to impress other people who don’t even care about them. Wear clothes for your own sake instead of others.

Never buy things just because the neighbors have it. Buy because you need it rather than for boosting your ego. Shopping therapy is not a medically approved nor Biblically approved. Yet there are people who shop till they drop just for the thrill of it.
Don’t lose yourself into crazy buying. Lose yourself in the Lord Jesus instead. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and lead you. Read the book of Proverbs in the Bible to gain more insight into this.


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