Wars among nations

Love of ones own nation is a good thing to have. The Bible teaches loyalty to nation as well.

Now never mix up loyalty and love for your motherland (or fatherland, in case of Germans etc) with militant nationalism. You do have a right to self defence. You are obligated to defend your nation in times of crisis. This can be a call to arms as well to protect your fellow countrymen both in your country and abroad.

Psalm 144:1-2 Blessed be the LORD,my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle; My loving kindness and my fortress, My stronghold and my deliverer; My shield and He in whom I take refuge; Who subdues my people under me.

Ecclesiastes 3:8 A time to love, and a time to hate; A time for war, and a time for peace.

However not all war is just, it’s wrong is to attack other nations just for the sake of national prestige or for some leaders glorified agenda. Most wars are not fought cleanly. For instance undue force is directed at non combatants. Some countries indoctrinate their citizens that killing innocent people of other countries is the right way to show respect for their nation. There’s mass propaganda or rather mass delusions sent all across their land for this. They may use religion, race, ancestry etc to justify an invasion but what they care about truly is riches and pride. These sadistic ruling classes brainwash the mothers telling them to raise their kids to be soldiers to ‘secure’ the boundaries of their nation. But the definition of secure for them is to totally subdue the neighbouring or distant countries by military force.

In the name of the ancestors or past heritage young men and women are made into killing machines. The truth is never told to them. They feel they serve God and country by killing the innocents. The truth about war is that people who die in it are also fathers, sons, husbands, mothers, sisters, wives etc. In other words these peoples are part of their families whom they love. This works both ways too. Its wrong for another nation people to attack or invade your county and you have every right to defend your nation.

The only thing worse than invading a country is to invade Israel. The Bible puts a lots of curses on people and nations who try to attack Israel unjustly. The Lord Jesus is lord of all. Jesus is the true and eternal king of Israel. Israel belongs to Jesus as he is the descendant of King David. He is king of Israel because he is true messiah of Israel. It doesn’t matter if the majority of Israel still don’t believe him, he continues to bear the unrevocable right of kingship over Israel.

God also looks out for other nations too. He watches over aggressive warring nations like North Korea, Iran, Russia etc. The holy angels are making note of every human right violation. The guardian angels are offended over every child who is hurt in war and appeal to God.

The mistake such nations make is that they think of the Lord’s patience as sign to continue in wickedness. Nothing great of them. Drug addicts too take God’s mercy for granted. They only feel some remorse when they get into fits and nausea when struggling to survive. They live a dark existance most of the while. Even wicked nations live in utter darkness.

God’s judgement is waiting to fall on all people who engage in militant nationalism. He will ask each person to give account for their actions. They won’t be able to say they what they did because of religion, nation, ruler etc and still be justified.

This judgement is not just reserved for Judgement day. The Lord God still speaks and executes judgement today against wicked nations. He uses nature against them in form of earthquakes, lightnings, heavy winters. He uses nations in judgement against wicked nation too.

I remember when the Nazis were all set to totally annihilate the Jews and the rest of Europe, God did an amazing thing. The winter aided the poorly equipped Russian soldiers who then halted the Nazis in Stalingrad. They then advanced ahead and killed millions of Nazi soldiers on their way to Berlin. On the Western front, at Normandy the Allied forces landed and marched on to eventually win the battle of Berlin. The Jew hunters became the hunted. Till this day anyone who was a former Nazi or the SS troops are caught whenever possible and duly punished for their war crimes. The Jews still remember the matyrs and heroes of the Holocaust.

If you live in a nation where your country invades other countries please don’t give your consent to such illegal wars. Pray that you get a chance to escape if your country finds that you don’t support the war.

No matter where you live, pray for peace for your nation. Pray for peace in other countries too. Pray every warring nation leaves unjust wars. Pray for the peace of Israel. May your nation be secure always.

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