Railing Against the Devil: What does the Bible Say?

God operates in love and also in justice. He will execute justice against all those who hate him and are opposed to him. Even his Holy Angels don’t waste their time venting angry rants against the Devil for they know that their priority is to honour the Lord God and serve him only. Even those who believe in Jesus must follow suit and avoid going on a tirade against the Evil One and his minions but instead focus on faithfulness to Christ. Or else this can be an occasion to pride in onself. Remember, the Devil’s days are numbered anyway!

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RAILING AGAINST THE DEVIL: Scripture says Don't do it.RAILING AGAINST THE DEVIL: Scripture says Don’t Do It.


Are believers to bring “railing accusations” against the devil?

Surprisingly perhaps, the Bible says, “No.”

Everyone wants to bash the satanic–even those who do not believe in Satan–but Christians are warned not to do this.  Some commentators use such actions as examples of human pride and hubris.

Still, that hasn’t prevented our present ungodly generation from doing what the Bible says not to do.  Believers are not to act like the enemy.

But it’s a hard rule for those eaten up by pride: people loves to talk the big talk.

(VIDEO) Stomp on the Devil’s Head

Devil Stomping Prayer

Time for some good ol’ fashioned devil-stomping!

2 Peter and Jude both warn Christians of railing against that which humans “know not”–including the devil.  Jude is especially clear on this point, going so far…

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