Hell is a bad place to be

Almost a year back I posted that Hell is a bad place to be. It continues to be. Hell is place of tremendous suffering. There are no human rights over there. The torture over there is conducted by demons and the burning fire that never goes out. Neither do the worms die out. My friend remember to cling on to Jesus Christ who can save you from going to hell. Salvation is a free gift from God. That’s doesn’t make it cheap but rather a priceless gift. Some preachers call Hell as a Christ-less existence. I wouldn’t use such statements. Let’s call a spade a spade. A Christ-less eternity wouldn’t ring a bell to those who either don’t know him or may not believe in him. Hell is a demon infested place and these minions are ruled by none other than Satan himself. This place has the absence of everything that is good, pure, holy and guileless. A person will be in suffering due to his sins with no more hope for all eternity. I’m not talking about a mere ten thousand years. Eternity is much more than many millennia, its a permanent and on going period of time which never ends. Never put yourself on the road to hell. Walk with Christ on the way to heaven, always.

Disciples of hope

Dear brothers and sisters, Hell is a bad place to be. Once you die and then are condemned to hell there is no turning back. Yes, there is no turning back to God. Period.

There a few videos that you can get the details on this. If you are a minor (kid or below 18 years) then I’d advise you to watch these video along with your parents or elder relatives. Here we go:

There are preachers and their listeners who don’t want to talk about hell. Ask them why and they’d say that they don’t to talk about any thing negative, that’s the silly excuse they come up with to stop speaking the truth. The most truthful person on earth, I mean Jesus himself SPOKE often about hell.

Jesus said, “If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for…

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