Beware of those who poison your spirit

Beware of those who poison your spirit. These are people who despise wisdom. They only love deceitful pleasures of the world. They may say they love the Lord or love wisdom but their actions betray their words.


‘Are you a preacher?’ I often have heard people within church settings say that to each other when someone tells them to do good and avoid evil. This attitude is silly.

Imagine a traffic policeman asking you keep your car blinkers on at night, would you dare say the same? Suppose you are telling someone to do good and they ask you ‘are you a preacher?’ then you can ask ‘going by that logic if a preacher told you this would you actually do good?’ Even before they can answer I can tell you that either they would repent or feel offended at such a question. Don’t feel bad if they got offended. Just remind them that they offended God by trying to be legalistic when it comes to repentance.

If you are feeding a poor orphan on the road, do so freely. Not every one can adopt orphans but they can at least do a little to make the kid feel respected. Don’t give into people’s negative comments about your good works. Remember you are doing it for the glory of God and not for praises of men. So if people criticize you for being kind to the poor remind those people that when they were babies someone too had to look after them and that they didn’t become self sufficient in a day.

If you are facing problems and all your friend can do is remind you of your mistakes without offering a way out then better keep away from him. You are not a bad person if you avoid those who try to undermine your desire to live expecting a breakthrough from God above. These may say they are Christians but in reality are functional atheists. Keep away from such kind.

The Bible warns us about people who show themselves as religious but deny that by their behavior. We are advised to keep away from them.”having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.”(2 Tim 3:5)

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, I pray that I am with good people who encourage me in all that is good. Keep me away from those who want to poison my spirit. Let my spirit be free to love and serve you. Give me the will power to say NO to all who try to undermine your will for my life. Keep me free from all complainers against God, people of profane speech and those who discourage and promote gossip. I break all my soul ties with any such people in the name of Jesus so that I’m always mindful of Christ. Amen and amen.

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