Don’t sit quiet but pray when you come to know of terror attacks

Thought this post is a bit short, I hope I still make the point that is due. Just recently on 22nd October 2014, I was watching live news about the Canadian Parliament shootings. It was shocking that the Canadians were being targeted. So immediately I started praying that the terrorists are stopped by all means possible and no more innocents die. Though the situation seems under control in Ottawa, Canada where the attacks took place we must continue to pray for the victims.

It’s time to call a spade a spade. Terrorists are pompous, evil and deceived slaves of the Evil One and must be stopped. Some people can do more than pray but for others saying prayers and spreading awareness is the only thing to do. Now, whenever you hear of any terror attacks on the radio or see it on TV start praying immediately. Pray for the innocent people so that no more innocent people are killed nor injured. Pray that the terrorists are put down by the police or military of that place. Don’t get terrorized on hearing the news. Remember that the exact aim of such vile monsters is to get you terrorized. Instead have faith, be calm and pray against their evil plans so that they do not succeed. Pray that each and every one of them is put to justice without delay.


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