Live for Christ and be true

Live for Christ and be true,
Stay with him, nothing to rue.
Prevail against the gates of hell,
Ring out loudly the salvation bell.

Be in faith, God’s own friend,
May this go on and have no end.
Courageous be in wind and cold,
Let Christ’s testimony strongly be told.

You inherit a redemption so pure,
The test of fire it shall endure.
Throw it not away in foolish vanity,
Like giving up wisdom for insanity.

Your cross you carry is a must,
Hold on to it and be just.
Honour Christ in heart and mind,
Look not at sins you’ve left behind.

Believe in the Gospel and repent,
In that way let your efforts be spent.
God’s beloved you are in fact,
Give him your trust, be exact.

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