The Story Behind the song Amazing Grace

Here is the story behind a great Christian hymn “Amazing Grace”. This song was written by none other than John Newton himself. You might have not heard this before but John Newton was a slave trader. In fact he too was captured and kept as a slave in Sierra Leone. Though he got out of it, he was not thankful to God and often blasphemed against the Lord. Yet in the day of trouble, when in danger of drowning with his ship at sea, he called upon the Lord Jesus and got saved. Not just his body but even his soul got saved as he truly gave up wicked ways and accepted the Gospel. Later in his life he went on to be an ordained church minister and even tried to abolish slave trade. Do watch the video and be blessed.


Here is the original version of Amazing Grace:


On a side note, do pray for the conversion of wretched sinners, even those who enslave others. Pray that all slaves are saved from their bondage wherever they are in the world.

Christ be with you and God bless you!

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