When discerning prophecy check the grammar and words

The Bible encourages to discern words of prophecy. Only a foolish church in a bid to clamp down on false prophecy will shun all prophecy, even the good ones. Any person who claims that prophecy has ceased with the times of the Apostles has seriously gone out of touch with the Bible and the will of God.

Now coming to the main point, you need to check the grammar or the wordings of any prophecy give to you. All prophecy If it doesn’t make sense grammatically you must immediately not consider it as coming from God. Let me first give you an example of a grammatically incorrect prophecy:

‘I sensed the Lord speaking to me while I could not hear him. It was very noisy at the airport when I could hear him. He said to me, “a few more days and I will pour my wrath upon [country] if they all do not repent of so and so sin.  So I asked what to do and was told to work upon my little garden of flowers. I want an offering of 100 from all of you so that we can stop the wrath of God’

To point out the mistakes. The first sentence itself is self-contradictory. The person claims to hear from God when not hearing him. Insanity at its worst. Then in terms of averting God’s wrath the person gets told to do gardening which doesn’t make sense at all. Yet that so called prophet speaks of receiving a money offering to stop God’s punishment. No logic, no sense in that. There would be no wise person who would believe in such prophecy.

Just a note of caution, you need to check the grammar without being a Grammar Nazi or Grammar Police. I mean if a prophet says ‘You must give up drugs and you will receive the healing that is evading you. So h please repent in time’ then just because someone put a ‘h’ you don’t reject the prophecy.  I think the h would be a typo error, assuming the prophecy was sent over text messaging. Basically, you check on the grammar of the prophecy in a proper way, not too tough and not to soft either.

Speaking of Nazi’s, let me give you a related example to encourage you to check the words of a prophecy to know if that is genuine or not. Suppose you got a newborn child whom you take to a person who claims to be a prophet of God and he says something like:

‘Your child is destined to be great. He shall be as noble as the victorious Messerschmitt pilots over the blissful meadows of France’.

Now if you are taken up by emotions, you might feel that this prophecy is from God as the prophecy had the words great, victorious and noble. One might think of Messerschmitt as some Bible word and think not to check what it means. Yet if you are wise, then you’d do your research properly, and even if you check this online, you will realize that the Messerschmitt warplanes were driven by the Nazi’s who had a blood lust for innocent French civilians during the World War 2. The Nazi’s used various types of Messerschmitt’s to attack the French. So going by this research, you’d be rather careful against what the so called prophet’s ‘prophecy’ is talking. In effect the ‘prophecy’ is about your child being a murderer guided by the demonic doctrine of racism.

To summarize, check the grammar and words of the prophecy you come to know of, so that you can accept the good and reject the bad.

Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies,but test everything; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil. (1 Thessalonians 5:19-22)

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