Prayer for protecting others from terrorism

O God you are the provider of safety and courage. Protect [mention name] from all acts of terrorism. Cause men and women of good courage and strength go forward to protect those whom I pray for. I also ask that there is change in the hearts and minds of those who are on murderous intent to bring forth evil so that they refrain from it. But if they are not willing to be peaceful, then let your judgement fall against them. Let your judgement be in favor of the innocent people I pray for as you are able to separate the wheat from the weeds. Let your angels destroy every work of the Evil One that he carries out through terrorists even if they claim to do things in the name of God. May their blasphemy against your Holy Name be rewarded with due justice. Let all their bombs and machinery of war be doomed to fail. Cause their weapons to fail. Let there be disunity among the terrorists. May they all be cut off from their ability to work evil. I also pray that all those whom they have illegally confined are rescued by the righteous and the valiant. Set their captives free. I ask this in the name of Jesus the Son of God. Amen and amen.

Tip: Try to bring to mind the name or description of the person/group you are praying for and even the region where they are facing trouble in. This will help you direct your prayers more effectively for their protection.

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