A morally right message about Christmas

Written below is a message that was sent to me by a friend. This has been doing the rounds on social media. I personally like the point about the term ‘X’mas.

Basically this goes against the so called ‘politically correct’ stances being imposed upon people where Christians are supposed to hide their crosses and Bibles in the name of secularism.

However in same countries the non Christians are encouraged to openly wear whatever symbols of their faith in the name of freedom of speech. Hypocrisy indeed.

Worse still, some church leaders too are buying this foolish concept of political correctness. Read through the below message and share it along with other Christians:

Dear Friends,

Important information regarding Christmas:

Please don’t use the term ‘season’s greetings’ during Christmas. This term is promoted by people who do not want to take the Name of “Christ”. We as Christians should not  hesitate to say “Christ”mas season.

It’s wrong to use the term ‘X’mas. ‘X’ means unknown in mathematical terminology. But we as Christians, know that it’s birthday of our Saviour Jesus Christ. We know him. He is not unknown to us. So let’s use the term  “Christ”mas properly.

Let’s not use the image of Santa Claus to greet on Christmas. Christmas is the birthday of Jesus, not of Santa. This is used for the commercial benefits by Non Christians. We are Christians, so let’s not send greetings with the Santa image. Let’s send the image of baby Jesus in the Crib or Baby Jesus with Joseph and Mary.

Let’s not be blind imitators of those who misuse it.

Please pass this information to all so that we educate everyone about  the true spirit of Christmas and make this year’s Christmas, ‘Birthday of Jesus Christ our Savior’.

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