Consider these videos about Facebook’s dark side

Video on how certain fights on Facebook led to real life violence and murder. Also this video show about how psychological tests being carried out on Facebook without people knowing it.

The pictures, words and videos you post on Facebook are treated by law as no longer your property and now belongs to Facebook. Would you prefer it that way?

It can cause to you have artificial relationships and keep you away from facing the true realities of life.

People tend to get carried away by pride by posting any of their vain little things they do and don’t realize their time gets wasted.

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  1. never know, do you?


  2. prophecynewsandviews

    Like the days of Noah were and it is again

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  3. prophecynewsandviews

    Thank you for posting this – This confirms what the Lord told me long ago about these dangerous social media sites. much blessings to you. 🙂

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