Thought provoking

I received the following forward. A very thought provoking one. Read on:

* Funny how a $500 note looks so big when you take it to church, but so small, when you take it to the market.

* Funny how long it takes to serve God for an hour, but how quickly a team plays 60 minutes of basketball.

* Funny how long a couple of hours are spent at church, but how short they are when watching a movie.

* Funny how we can’t think of anything to say when we pray, but don’t have any difficulty thinking of things to talk about to a friend.

* Funny how we get thrilled when a football match goes into extra time, but we complain when a sermon is longer than the regular time.

* Funny how hard it is to read a chapter in the Bible, but how easy it is to read 100 pages of a best-selling novel.

* Funny how people want to get a front seat at any game or concert, but scramble to get a back seat at church services.

* Funny how we need 2 or 3 weeks advance notice to fit a church event into our schedule, but we can adjust our schedule for other events at the last minute.

* Funny how much difficulty some people have learning  a simple Gospel well enough to tell others, but how simple it is for the same people to understand and repeat gossip about someone.

* Funny how we believe what newspaper says, but question what the Bible says.

* Funny how everyone wants to go to heaven, provided they don’t have to believe or to think or to say or to do anything.

* Funny how simple it is to for people to trash God & then wonder why the world’s going to hell.

* Funny how someone can say, ” I believe in God ” but still follow Satan who, by the way, also ” believes ” in God.

* Funny how we are quick to judge, but not be judged.

* Funny how you can send a thousand ” jokes ” through e-mail & they spread like wild fire, but when you start sending messages regarding the Lord, people think twice about sharing.

* Funny how the lewd, crude, vulgar & obscene pass freely through cyberspace, but the public discussion of God is suppressed in the school & workplace.

* Funny how someone can be so fired up for Christ on Sunday, but be an invisible Christian the rest of the week.

* Funny how I can be more worried about what other people think of me than what God thinks of me.

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  1. That was really good. Be on the lookout, you just wrote my “Saturday night why you should go to church tomorrow blog” Usually on Saturday nights I try to post something like that. Didn’t get chance this week to get anything ready…The Lord be on the look out for a Reblog tomorrow. Thanks!

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  2. I really enjoyed this, I hope you don’t mind if I share.

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    Well,as normal on Saturday afternoon I send out something about serving God. This week I let another Blogger do the work, and fine work they did.


  4. Good job! God bless you:)


  5. This was great, funny how all those things are so true! Very eye opening!


  6. Reblogged this on The love of God and commented:
    Thought provoking? And the rest!

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