Prayer for Persecuted Christians

O Lord God we come to you in the name of Jesus Christ your only begotten son. We thank you for every blessing that we receive from you. We give you praise for you are the Lord above all and to you belongs all the glory.

This day we pray for our Christian brothers and sisters all over the world who are being persecuted for holding on to their faith in Christ. We pray for the victims of all such persecutions. We remember in prayer all the families of Christian martyrs all over the world.

We pray that those Christians held captive on prisons on account of their faith are set free. May the doors of favour open to get them out of prison. Let all preachers of the Gospel get a safe release from jail no matter how hostile that region is to the Christian faith. We pray for supernatural intervention for their rescue.

This girl was injured with burns bruises during anti Christian violence. It occured when a bomb was thrown into her house by extremists during August 2008 in India.

This girl  in the picture was injured by burns during anti Christian violence. It occured when a bomb was thrown into her house by extremists during August 2008 in India.

We pray for Christian children who have been at the receiving end of harsh punishments for their faith in Christ Jesus. That they be delivered from all sorrow and that workers of justice rescue them from evil.

Send forth your Spirit O Lord God and give all persecuted Christians across the world, hope and courage in the times of struggle in life and in death, in poverty and distress. May their sacrifice be ever remembered before you in heaven.

We believe that as they have acknowledged Christ Jesus on earth, so will the Lord Jesus acknowledge them before the angels of God in heaven. And for this we give you O Lord God the praise.

We ask in faith for the rescue of all Christians who persecuted. We ask that workers of justice, human and angelic fight and contend with the enemies of the faith both human and demonic. Grant your angels unfailing victory when you send them to keep safe those who are in pain and trouble due to persecution. May those who contend for the persecuted Christians be blessed with your grace and protection even if they are not Christians themselves. As you blessed Cyrus the Persian king to ascend to great power and have mercy on the Jews so that they could go back to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem, so bless more such world leaders to intervene on behalf of Christians too. And for this we give you O Lord God the praise.

If you have ordained for someone to martyred so that he or she can dwell with you in heaven and worship you forever uninterrupted, then we pray that even to the end they do not ever waver from their faith in Christ. We pray that their families are able to cope with the loss and despair and that you take care of their families. We ask that such families do not lose their faith and hope in you.

We pray that the kingdom of God prevails over all the powers of darkness.

Amen and amen.

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