Dealing with people who have physical scars

It’s not a topic that everyone likes but yet this is something that everyone must be aware of. This is about how you deal with people who have physical scars. I’ve been feeling inspired by the Lord God to make a mention of this.


Immediate reaction:

Jesus never mocked the lepers whom he healed. Leprosy was incurable in those days and lepers were mocked and shooed away if they came too close to a healthy person. Follow Jesus’ example and be kind to such people.

If the person has a fresh scar you might have to direct or help that person to immediate medical treatment and first aid. You’d have to maintain your composure to help out the scarred person who may be disoriented due to their injuries.

Now if the scar is an old one, don’t get overwhelmed by seeing the person who’s got the injury on his or her face or elsewhere. Try to speak normally to such a person and don’t make them feel upset about their injuries.

Daily reaction:

Suppose if you everyday have to deal with a person who is scarred due to any reason such as burns, accidents etc try to be positive with them. Appreciate them for good actions instead of judging them by their misfortunes. Avoid nagging them about how they got the scars. If you want to know why they are that way, then ask with respect and at the right time or do not ask at all. Pray for such people you know everyday.

Don’t assume things:

Never blindly assume that so and so person who’s got scars has got it out of God’s judgement on him and her. You don’t know if they got injured due to an unfortunate accident or while trying to save someone else. Even if one can prove that it was the judgement of God that got people scars, you are still not to act too righteous and mock them. You too were once a sinner, till Christ forgave you your sins when you believed in him.

This girl was injured with burns bruises during anti Christian violence. It occured when a bomb was thrown into her house by extremists during August 2008 in India.

This girl was injured with burns bruises during anti Christian violence. It occurred when a bomb was thrown into her house by extremists during August 2008 in India.

About children:

No one has a right to make fun of children with scars on their faces, neck, hands etc. If one cannot speak a kind word to such children, one might as well avoid speaking anything discouraging to them. Avoid needlessly touching their wound marks as it can cause them to remember the ordeal which caused them harm and then try cry out.

Family members:

You must never abandon a family member just because they got scars. Anyone who avoids family members on account of their scars is in gross error and doesn’t care for his or her family.



Don’t celebrate if your enemies or even the wicked got hurt and a result are permanently scarred. That’s not a Christian thing to do. Instead be humble that God watches over you and has kept you safe. If you want to speak something in such a case then simply pray to Christ that your enemies and the wicked repent of their sins.


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