Where Do The Children Belong?

In the midst of fights and divorces between married couples, their children have had to suffer the brunt of wicked and selfish custody battles. Pray that such children are safe and secure.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

So many children become trapped in the custody battles that rage today. Unfortunately, many of these children get put back into the hands of those who abuse them. What many do not realize is that narcissistic individuals are pathological liars which makes it very difficult to tell their truth from their lies… which enable these individuals to deceive others and maintain control of their victims… legally. I pray that all lies and manipulations will be exposed and Truth will prevail.

The love of a family…
is so very dear…
but when one “breaks”…
the response for many is fear.
For fear of the unknown…
is so very strong…
but when parents split…
where do the children belong?

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