Three Reasons Food Controls You

It’s very important to realize when food is in the driver’s seat. Jesus is the king of your soul and you are the captain of your soul. Don’t let food rule over you but rather be of good discipline. Take time to understand how food can try to control you and yet how you can find the right balance at such times.

New Creations Ministries

Studying the mind and body is a fascinating profession. Many false beliefs will challenge my patients. Some believe eating right is simply a matter of willpower, but it’s not. Do you wonder as well, why you suddenly crave something salty, crunchy or a piece of chocolate? thUCPRC2A9

Here are three reasons to consider why:

Reason #1: The answer literally starts in the mind with the hypothalamus. Our bodies need nutritional balance, which we often don’t select. The hypothalamus acts like a little drill instructor indicating what nutrients you require and what food supplies it.

For example, if you haven’t consumed enough copper, the hypothalamus will torment you until you reach for a food containing it. Kale contains copper – so does chocolate.  Which would you reach for? (Yeah, sure you’d choose the Kale chips.)  Therefore it is important to  eat a well-balanced diet from the beginning or it’ll take Herculean efforts to overcome unhealthy cravings. You’ll become frustrated and quit, believing it’s your lack of willpower. It isn’t, it’s about physiology.

Reason #2: The mind is…

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  1. I am honored that you reposted my blog article. I do pray it will reach those who are suffering with compulsive eating and guilt. The Lord should continually reign over our actions as you stated, never making any food an idol. Blessings,


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