Prayer for deliverance from bad counsel

Deliver me O Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ from all things profane. Purge out from me all false wisdom that I may have absorbed knowingly or unknowingly. Save me from vile words and thoughts that defile. Send forth the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me in gentleness and truth. Take away from me all deceivers whether seen or unseen. Let not the plans of the devil succeed against me in any form.

If I’m living in deception and sensuality in any way, then let your Spirit convict me and bring me to repentance. You have raised me from being mere dust and ashes and have put me into high places with you in your loving grace. So I forsake each and every sin that is still in my life. Cleanse me of all unfaithfulness and heal my spirit. Let the name of your Father who is my God be glorified as I draw near to you O Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

I take refuge in your Holy Name O Lord. You are mighty in true wisdom, majesty and power. Strike forth your arrows and scatter away the enemies of my soul. Contend with them who contend against those who believe in you. Let not those who trust in you be put to shame. Deliver me from all bad counsel in my life that may be openly or secretly deceptive. Cause me to be alert and discern your will in all that I hear, read, see and also in my interactions. Strengthen my resolve to always say no to all that is vile, selfish and immoral.

Send forth your Holy angels to deliver me from all demonic influences. Give me during my life on earth the generosity of good counsel from those who truly love and serve you O Lord Jesus. Let them remind me and encourage me to always walk in the light of the Holy Scriptures. Take away my dependency on wisdom that is earthly, sensual and demonic for I renounce all such unholy wisdom for the sake of your glory.

In the name of Jesus I cut off all soul ties and influences of each and every person with myself who been a source of false and immoral counsel. I without any reservation forgive them for their vanity. I also forgive myself from my heart for having chosen the wrong ways of action through such bad counsel. I ask for purity and sincerity to fill up all my relationships and for the sword of the Spirit to be a dividing pillar of fire that keeps me away from all tempters and liars both in the physical and spiritual realms.

I seal all the doorways of my soul and spirit by the saving blood of Jesus against all demonic and perverse influences in my life. I block every malignant spirit from influencing my mind, emotions, will power and intellect in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen and amen.

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