Reminder – say no to adultery


For those who are new to my blog I’d recommend that you read my earlier post Do not covet another one’s spouse for understanding why not to covet another person’s spouse.

Now to the main point. Say a firm no and I really mean a NO to any and every instinct and behavior that can get you into adultery. Those who commit adultery have landed into serious problems and have lost their fortunes and reputations which they built up over the years. I have noticed how the media is eager to destroy the careers of actors, politicians, sports persons etc if they are caught up into adultery. For them it’s just another breaking news that gets in the money and views. I wonder if they ever did anything to ease the hearts of the children who are caught in the cross fire between married couples due to adultery. Mind you they don’t spare up the average man or woman either in cases of adultery.

Do not at all let your name be defamed for a false relationship and false pleasure which is unholy. Crucify all the desires of the flesh and give no chance to the devil. There is no need at all for you to get emotional ‘shingles’ or even any venereal disease which may come from adultery. There is no need for you to risk everything for something that will land you into volley of troubles. Be holy, be safe!


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