A Simple Self Deliverance Prayer (Video)

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil (Matthew 6:13)


I somehow felt like putting an explanation about being willing to be delivered from evil, instead of just giving out the Simple Self Deliverance Prayer video. And I hope you benefit from this. Here we go:

Jesus came to seek and save the lost, and also to destroy the works of the Devil (refer Luke 19:10 and 1 John 3:8). So, it’s the will of God that any who believes in Jesus Christ be saved from sin and the devil. This calls for your will power to be in line with the Word of God. With that being said, one must be aware that demons try to affect the individual’s will power. Commonly they make a temptation to sin more appealing as per the individual’s personality.

However, there are also demons which oppress people in various forms such as unnatural physical disturbances and sounds, evil thoughts and dreams etc. At times to an external observer, such an oppressed person might even seem insane. One may wonder what do such demons want to achieve at all. Well, by this they want to take over a person’s will power or even hinder that person from doing God’s will. So, those who want to do the desires of God more fully must not submit to such fear tactics of evil spirits.

Jesus during his time on earth cast out demons out of people. He did not compromise with these vile creatures who are Satan’s minions but set people free from them. A Christian therefore must follow in the example of Jesus Christ and stop allowing one self to be oppressed by evil spirits.

You need to be willing to be rescued by the Lord God. Be sincere and humble enough to stop liking any and every sin. In fact you need to repent of your sins.  Once you’re willing to repent you are all set to go for deliverance of oneself from all that is evil. Whenever you feel that you are being spiritually oppressed (this is different from possession) by evil spirits it’s important to pray in the name of Jesus that you are free from their oppression. Without any further delay, here’s the prayer video:

Note: Credit for the YouTube video goes to Spiritual Warfare Ministries Of Kentucky (www.swmofky.com/)



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