Pray for those unable to express their needs to you

I once had to go to my aunt’s place when I was a child. And my siblings too came along, naturally. We’d roam around the place and visit the different parks around. Now my aunt would also take me to her neighbors too. One of them were a young couple, childless in fact. So then the woman whose house we were at was very nice to us and was speaking kindly to us. She was almost stuffing us with sweets, much to my delight. So my mother intervened and was telling her it’s enough for us. My aunt told her to let that woman be herself, since she and her husband don’t have any children. Then my mother understood why and didn’t bother her much, though she kept staring at me to stop overeating. On hearing that the couple were childless, though I was under 10 years I felt strange about such stuff. Later as the we left the couple’s house I felt I should pray about them, though they were not expressing their need verbally. These were not even Christian.

I simply had faith in God for them. Once we came to our home, I forgot about the couple and went on with life. Then again a few years later I again had to visit my aunt’s place. On inquiring about the couple, my aunt said they relocated to some other place but she also added that the woman finally gave birth a child and this has brought much joy to the couple. I was happy to learn of this, thought the couple never knew that they were being prayed for.

Now it doesn’t really matter if the people you prayed for even know you were praying for them. What matters is your faith in Christ. There might be others too who are praying for the same set of people you are praying, so don’t bother about claiming credit for your prayers. Simply commend your good works to Jesus who knows the heart of all people and continue to find the next person whom you can pray for. God will reward you for your good deeds at a time and place where no one can deny you the fruits of your ministry. Some people might also notice they’re getting blessed in this life for their prayers for the needy. Yet, our motivation must not be gaining rewards but rather to love God and spreading his blessings to others.

There are people who suffer and won’t be able to express their needs clearly. In fact they don’t speak about it. Maybe its due to shame or despair. God knows best! However, one can surely notice them suffering in some way or the other. For instance, suppose you see a news article about some shootings which happened. The pictures of tears on the families of the victims should be enough to make you realize that you can pray for justice and healing for them.  At other times you might be at church and notice any couple with a spastic child, then just pray in your mind for them and their child to recover from that problematic disease. One doesn’t need to wait for the preacher to point out to them and then only you pray. Obviously, one must be sensitive to such people and never belittle them for their sufferings.

Pray to the Lord God to awaken your eyes to all such needy people who can’t express their grief but are in need of your prayers. Christ be with you in all this!


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