Uproot in me every evil seed

Uproot in me O Lord God, every evil seed that the enemy has planted in my life.

Weed out every plant which is of the devil in my mind. Remove it totally from the roots and let it all dry out.

Purge out all those people who are sent by the fallen one to try to make me profane and hinder my faith. Let your light shine and purge away their dark influence from my soul.

Cause it O Lord that every evil scheming person who secretly plots against me is exposed and made to leave my presence. Let not the name of those who are your friends be put to shame.

Every thought of sin and impurity I cast it all out in the name of Jesus Christ. Everything in me that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, leave right now in the name of the Lord.

I refuse to give heed to the desires of the flesh but choose to accept the desires of the Spirit. Let humility be what I always have towards you O God. Correct me gently if I walk into the wrong way but be firm to call me out loudly and immediately. Take away from me all false and presumptuous thoughts which tend to evil.

Let only the goodness of Christ manifest in me. Cause me to love and study your Holy Word everyday. May your face always shine with favor upon me.

Uproot all things in my life which are not according to your holy and loving will for me O God. Plant everything that’s good and true in my life that I bear fruit in abundance for your glory.

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ your Son. Amen and amen.

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