Plant in me O Lord

Plant in me O Lord your Holy Word. I pray that I be like the good soil that bears yield a hundred fold in abundance and not a good thing goes to waste.

Invest your grace in my life that I share it with others who don’t yet know you as a loving God. Strengthen my will to preach the Gospel in every season to all whom you bring to me by your Holy Spirit.

Enable me to do what is right and just even if all the world around me chooses not to do so. Let those who love Christ in friendship become my companions too. Take away every hindrance that keeps me from getting true friends and relationships and O Lord I ask in faith that you speak your favour upon me from your heavenly throne.

Fill me your light, I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, that I shine bright to glorify you O Lord God in my thoughts words and actions. I pray that your joy is my strength everyday and forever.

Bless my physical vision and spiritual eyes too that I live vigilant and not ignorant of the opportunities to grasp and the dangers to avoid. Enable me to do all in things Christ daily. Bless me with humility to render thanks to you when I achieve great things so that I don’t fall prey to vain things.

Plant everything good and wholesome in my life that your name be highly respected and glorified in all who see me. By your Holy Spirit let me guided from victory to victory. I ask this in name of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world. Amen and Amen.



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