Update on my weird experience

Here’s an update on the weird experience I’ve been facing recently:

Firstly, I would like thank the Lord Jesus Christ for being a source of inspiration in the midst of the recent challenges I’ve been facing.

Secondly, I also thank all your readers who prayed for me these days. I know it might have not been possible to drop in a comment or so but I sure know there were lots of people praying for me. A special thanks to Sue and Wally for being among the first responders.

Thirdly, there are improvements that I’d like to share. My health has improved, the need for excess sleep (over 10 hours of sleep) has totally vanished. I feel much lighter now. The internet connection has been more consistent now. I managed to get my back up phone running for me to handle this blog. And the affected phone, well is getting repaired. Its battery and mother board connection had become faulty. Pray it works again. Please also pray for the end of the weird experience.

This experience, which is still not done, has taught me a few things:

1) I started writing stuff in a way that’s considered old fashioned. I mean I actually write in a book before posting online. Didn’t realize that using a pen and paper is simple and yet effective when technology takes a downturn.

2) Also, I’ve been working on my poetry more. So watch out for a good set of poems in the future.

3) I’ve started to pray even more. Especially for those who are yet unsaved. Besides this I pray for those who pray for me. At times, praying for those who pray for you can be a great way to bless them back.

4) I’ve realized that the Devil is a weakling and a liar. When you have faith in the Lord God and Holy Word, just resist the Evil One and he will flee you. It really works!

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  1. I am glad your faith is strong in God. He is there for you always. Prayers still my sis:)

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  2. Sorry about that. I mean brother in Christ. Thanks for following my blog too. Are you reading a certain Bible book right now?

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