In the middle of Darkness

Just a thought

     Therecomes a time of darkness in everyone’s life, it is something that we cannot escape from. Moments of roughness, tears, frustration, and sickness. We were not created immortal in fact we hurt and we bleed, emotionally and physically. In moments of darkness, we tend to want to run away and escape from all the pain, the hurt that we feel in that current situation. We always look for a place to run, a way to escape the reality that we are living. Many of us blame God and push him to the curve, because we always expect everything to be sunshine and roses. Or we look for substances to numb the pain or erase the moment of darkness. However, we need to learn that there are things in life that we cannot stop or withhold from happening. Certain things that we cannot erase, numb, or forget. We simply…

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