Don’t broadcast everything

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We need to use wisdom in speaking out or broadcasting things that are happening in our lives.

Look at nature there are lots o things done in secret . Babies grow in the secret womb of their mothers. Butterflies grow in the secret place of chrysalis. Diamonds are formed in the secret place under the ground.

Jesus said in Matt 6 – when you fast, give or pray , do it in secret so that the father who watches you in secret will reward you openly.

He also said don’t cast your pearls before the pigs. Meaning don’t throw holy things before people who will trample it under their feet.

Be careful about speaking about your Vision or Dream prematurely like Joseph went around bragging to his brothers and they became jealous of him.

Be careful about showing off your treasures to the enemy like king Hezekiah did, when he…

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  1. Messenger At The Crossroads

    Good thoughts! So true!

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