Prayer for Protection against Storms and Floods

O Lord Jesus who rebuked the storm and the winds and then onwards there was calm, we appeal unto you to come to our rescue. Deliver us from all storms, heavy winds and floods. Protect us by sending your Holy Angels to guard us from all the plans of the Enemy. Save us O Lord God that we may praise in good health of mind, body and spirit, in the land of the living. We ask all this in the Holy Name of Jesus, the Son of the One True Living God. Amen.

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  1. Prayers’ fighters in the Lord,

    please pray for my best friend Fadya, she is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, but i believe if you help me pray with me, our lord will listen and our petition if God willing is granted, if with the will of God.
    Her Pancreas is damaged, he liver has only 1/4 left , we are requesting a miracle from God to touch Fady’s body and stop the spreading of cancer.

    please pray for her.

    Summary about her challenging and painful life:
    Fady’s husband was killed in a project when he was 36, he fell from a high story bldg. dur9ing construction, Fadya has to raise her two daughters a lone, while challenged by a very unique disease that eaten up all her immune system and some of the good cells. she survived on steroid that was the only remedy available at that time, 10 yeas ago, the cancer shows up in her abdominal, she has got some of the organs removed, and 6 months ago the cancer revived in her pancreas and liver,



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