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In the middle of Darkness

Just a thought

     Therecomes a time of darkness in everyone’s life, it is something that we cannot escape from. Moments of roughness, tears, frustration, and sickness. We were not created immortal in fact we hurt and we bleed, emotionally and physically. In moments of darkness, we tend to want to run away and escape from all the pain, the hurt that we feel in that current situation. We always look for a place to run, a way to escape the reality that we are living. Many of us blame God and push him to the curve, because we always expect everything to be sunshine and roses. Or we look for substances to numb the pain or erase the moment of darkness. However, we need to learn that there are things in life that we cannot stop or withhold from happening. Certain things that we cannot erase, numb, or forget. We simply…

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God’s Good Word: Jude

Bible Verses for Your Marriage!

Apostolic Mommy & Wife!

No marriage is perfect and free of arguments, disagreements or flaws. Yet through God’s word and time in prayer we find our marriages can be restored and renewed. In my marriage – I find the key is falling completely in love with God (first). Once God is first in our lives,  we can experience sincere love (agape). Love like is mentioned in 1 Corinthians 13 – love that is long suffering, kind & pure.

In the name of Jesus, today I declare peace and restoration in our marriages. The enemy attempts to destroy marriages, because he would like to also destroy homes, children and lives. Let us be wise and identify the sneaky fiery darts of the enemy. Let us determine to fight for our marriages. May God fearing couples rise up in this dark generation to give testimony of God’s greatness. In Jesus’ name!

-Apostolic Mommy & Wife



Remind yourself of the…

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Free printable! Adult -Bible Verse Coloring Bookmark!

Apostolic Mommy & Wife!

book_mark.jpgDid you know the four of the ten best selling books on Amazon are adult coloring books? Millions of coloring books are feeding the coloring craze for adults. Coloring is shown to release tension and a way to Digital Detox.

I’ve been creating Margin Strips for Bible journaling and for my life planners. So I made this freebie to share.  This is great verse everyone should memorize. Coloring it will help you or your children remember it.

Download link at the bottom of this page. Color it and come back and share your masterpiece!

courtesy of: biblejournalingdigitally (Robin Sampson)

CLICK HERE FOR FREE PRINT / DOWNLOAD—>free_coloring _bookmark heartofwisdom

happy coloring!

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Pray for those affected in the church bombing in Pakistan (March 2016)

While in the earlier post I had shown how preaching goes on in Pakistan, I’d now also want to show that persecution and terror is real over there.

On Resurrection Day, the 27th of March 2016, as per the new reports “a bomber blew himself up near an entrance to Gulshan-e- Iqbal Park in the Pakistani city of Lahore, close to a children’s play area on Sunday evening. The sound of the explosion was heard several kilometres away and eyewitnesses said there were big crowds in the area because of the Easter holiday.”

Here’s what a news snippet from the Guardian news agency says:

“A faction of the Pakistani Taliban, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, claimed responsibility for the explosion, saying it was targeted at Christians celebrating Easter. A spokesman for the group, Ehsanullah Ehsan, told the Guardian: “We have carried out this attack to target the Christians who were celebrating Easter. Also this is a message to the Pakistani prime minister that we have arrived in Punjab [the ruling party’s home province].” However the Punjab government denied the claim that the bombing was aimed exclusively at Christians, as those in the park were from all backgrounds.” (read full article :

The fact that Resurrection day was chosen and the terrorist group directly claimed they intended to attack Christians, shows that persecution against Christians in Pakistan does exist, though the government may officially deny it.


Pics from CNN

Image source : CNN


pak attack

Image source : CNN



Rescue workers and police gather near the site where a suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded park in Lahore, Pakistan, on Sunday, March 27. The blast killed at least 60 people and injured 200, according to health adviser for Punjab province Khawaja Salman Rafique. Image source: CNN

Rescue workers and police gather near the site where a suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded park in Lahore, Pakistan, on Sunday, March 27. The blast killed at least 60 people and injured 200, according to health adviser for Punjab province Khawaja Salman Rafique. Image source: CNN


Taliban says it targeted Christians in a park on Easter Sunday, killing 65 :

Pray for those affected by the bomb blasts that killed lots of people. Pray for the victims and their families. Also keep in your prayers both Christians and non christians who are affected by this brutal bombing.

Ask in faith, that the workers of sin, who carried out this blast are punished by the Pakistani government and if that government cannot do so, then let the Lord God still find other workers of justice who are truly capable and willing to get justice done.

Finally, pray that the preaching of the Gospel still goes on even more strongly in Pakistan.

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Back again

I’m back to continue to encourage you in the Word of God and exhort you to live the hope that comes from Christ.

Christ be with you!

Will be back

I am off to an important project these days and so you won’t be receiving new posts in this time. However I will be back in a few weeks to encourage you in the Word of God.

Christ be with you!

Does anybody think of Judgement Day?




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