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Twelve Examples of Denominational Stupidities to avoid

A believer in Christ must be very diligent in the worship and service of our Lord. One cannot get tangled in any form of foolishness and deception, which at times labels itself as being a true Christian. It’s possible to call oneself a Christian but in reality not be acting like one. With that being said, we must never get involved in any form of stupidity especially denominational one’s. While I’ve mentioned 12 such examples of denominational stupidities, there are more such things to be unmasked. Read the below examples and most importantly pray and desire that you are interested in following the Lord Jesus Christ without getting entangled in worthless pursuits. Do not be a hate monger nor a hypocrite.

1) Using Matthew 16:18 to denounce other Christian denominations while totally ignoring Mark 9:38-40 and 1 Corinthians 1:12-13.

2) Calling out the sins of the leaders of other Christian denominations while totally denying all claims of wrong doing by one’s own denominational leaders even if the evidence cannot be refuted against them in anyway.

3) Saying that your denomination is the only rightful heir of the promises of the Gospel even when apostate’s and skeptic’s have come forth from your denomination many times over.

4) Using Bible verses to show that your denomination is the best one even though the same Bible says ‘humble yourself in the sight of the Lord’.

5) Mourning for martyrs and the persecuted of other Christian denominations, while at the same time calling all the safe and living of the same denominations as heretics.

6) Unthankfulness in using worship hymn’s, literature, teachings and techniques for evangelism from other Christian denominations but still insisting that nothing good has come from those denominations.

7) Presumptively labelling all teachings of other Christian denominations as heresies without valid spiritual, moral and biblical basis. And still insisting they are wrong even if you know that your own denomination too teaches the same things.

8) Blindly accepting every accusation against other Christian denominations with no evidence as true. However, if a claim is made against your own denomination then you decide to slow down on any judgement and check everything very carefully.

9) Lying that Jesus Christ is the head of your Christian denomination when in reality you respect the words of your leaders more than the words of Christ.

10) Receiving or witnessing healings and deliverance at churches of other Christian denominations one day but the next day insisting that Christ only works in and through your own denominational church.

11) Calling the general people from your own denomination who work with people of other Christian denominations as sinners even if you can’t prove any wrongdoing. However being as silent as a stone when your own denominational leaders form alliances with leaders of other Christian denominations.

12) When in a nation hostile to Christianity you take help and refuge with people of other Christian denominations in that region. However, once you’re back in your own country, fully safe, you say that those people who gave you refuge are nice but still won’t go to heaven.

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