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Refrain from unbelief O lover of God

Refrain from unbelief O lover of God,
Holy is the Lord where ever he has trod.
Keep away from falsehood and sin,
The Lord knows your thoughts within.

Dwell upon his mercy and grace,
He is the Lord so seek his face.
Be led by God’s Spirit day after day,
Cling to Jesus the life, the truth and the way.

Hear by the word of God for sure,
Build up your faith in truth pure.
Heed not the voices of the Evil thief,
So that you don’t have eternal grief.

Refrain from unbelief O lover of God,
Always give to God’s will your nod.
Fear not the wicked nor the terror of night,
God is mighty to save you alright.

Never give up on your godly belief,
Salvation now and forever is true relief.
Don’t go by instinct as it might go wrong,
Lean on God’s word and make it your song.

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