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Wish you a Christ filled Christmas

Wish you a Christ filled Christmas this season,
May Christ always guide your sense and reason!
Blessed be you who love to be part of God’s will,
May the Holy Spirit take your spiritual life uphill.




As in these days people remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, let’s not get carried with the dance, food, gifts and festivities associated with Christmas. Instead let focus on Christ Jesus himself who is God’s gift to all humanity. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.



Jingle Bells Hip Hop Christmas Rap Remix (Jesus is the Way)

Note: This was sung by Beacon Light and please click here if you wish to view his YouTube channel.


Jingle Bells Redeemed – The Real Christmas song (Video)

Note: Lyrics by Leo Salins and vocals by Sheldon Bangera.

The Jingle Bells Redeemed – The Real Christmas song, praises Jesus Christ unlike the other song Jingle Bells which is a secular song and has hardly anything do with the Bible. Hear this song and most importantly sing it and share this with your friends and family.

Nowadays I keep getting messages saying “Keep Christ in Christmas” but then a new message stood out. I’ve added the last four words to it. Here it goes : “Keep Christ in Christians this Christmas and forever”.

For Unto Us a Child is Born (Kinetic Typography)

The Nativity Story – “Come and Worship” – by Bebo Norman

O Come O Come Emmanuel – by Matt Maher

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