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Be confident of the Lord whom you serve

one spirit

Be confident of the Lord whom you serve. Why should you hesitate in serving him? Would there be any valid reason?

To increase your confidence in Christ, you can try the following things. These are some principles to keep in mind. Here we go:

  • Get to know Jesus personally. Take it as a personal challenge.
  • Do not worship HIM from a distance come close to his heart.
  • Commune daily with HIM. You can pray in silence or loudly. You can pray as you walk or while you sit. Christ waits for you in communion.
  • Read about the Lords ways. The Bible is an excellent book that tells all about him. It speaks of his character and wisdom. It speaks of how he has been great and faithful through all generations.
  • Do not believe what the world tells you about God through it various outlets like the media etc. The world still hasn’t learnt to measure the entire universe accurately. How do you expect it then to be precise about God who created the universe?
  • Learn and understand the testimonies of those who put their trust in the Lord in various situations. Then work with him for your own testimony.
  • Ask God to reveal his ways to you as you move with him.
  • Seek his presence. Try to be still in his presence.
  • Pray as long as it takes till you are fully hopeful in him.
  • Remember always that no matter what the situation that God is in control and still reigns.
  • Speak of Christ by the victory of the Cross rather than your works for him. This keeps the focus on him.
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