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Praying against mass shootings

We are to pray against mass shootings that occur time and again in the United States. I’m not sure about Canada but if it happens to there then let’s pray about that too. In fact pray for any other place where such crimes occur.The frequency and suddenness of such killings make the attacks dangerous. I find it odd that most of the time the shooter’s end up killing themselves. This makes it difficult to deduce why the killer acted that way. Usually federal forces go to through their profile online or at college/work but keep quiet about it for many years. This doesn’t help the general public. What’s even more weird is that the police arrive only after most people have killed which means shame on the police. And then we have the anguish that the families of the deceased victims have to go through. It’s a huge loss for them. I hate it when anyone is killed that way or any way.

Now there people who are of the foolish opinion that everyone in the U.S is a murderer. Why, because they are trying to ban guns and other firearms in the hands of innocent citizens. If anyone were to call you a murderer every time you would take them to court for defamation, wouldn’t you? There is not a word about disarming thugs, serial killers and gangsters. These anti gun lobby will twist every scripture verse in the Bible to advocate gun control. Excuse me but the last time I checked the Holy Scriptures are to build your faith in Jesus Christ and not for political tricks. The Bible doesn’t say to the church to give up weapons but rather emphasises on peace. If the Bible says to give up self defense then we must not keep church security guards, stop having medicines, remove the walls around church right? Now, if weapons kill, then spoons make kids fat, and cars dive into people right? What is true is that the person behind the gun is the killer and not the gun. People have a stronger chance against such attackers if they are with weapons themselves.

I dislike people who have tremendous sympathy for mass murderers but won’t feel anything for the victim’s and their families. These are the real hypocrite’s in the world. All those who get a kick out of murderous snuff movies must be named and brought to justice.

It’s shameless to see a news report about mass shootings and ignore it. Your ignorance won’t help anyone. Start praying for the victim’s the moment you know of the situation and don’t wait till your preacher tells you to. Seriously does any one wait for their preacher to tell them when to have tea?

Do not say what is the use now that even if the killer’s are brought to justice it won’t bring back the dead. This just one of things that serial killers like so that they can continue their crimes.

Prevention is better than cure! I always believe in prevention of crimes rather that wait for evil to happen and then keep feeling bad. You need to stop this work of devil. Demons work in various ways which are unseen but they provoke potential murderers. Even Judas who betrayed Our Lord Jesus was tempted by the Devil. So aren’t so many murderer’s not tempted by evil spirits. I mean stop the temptation and you stop the crime. How do we do this? We reduce this temptation and then remove it. Cast out all demons of violence in the name of Jesus. Pray the blood of Jesus over all problem areas. Shut the doors on demonic influence. Declare safety from all such murderers in the name of Jesus.

Pray for school children and pray for those at college in that they all be safe and secure. Pray for those who are planning out mass murders. That those who have deadly revenge in their minds receive calmness and act in a forgiving manner. This may seem impossible for man but is possible with God. Pray that the Holy Spirit works through preachers who lead their congregation’s to pray against such shooting incidents in their region. Pray that the angels of God suppress demons of murder, racism and hate in the United States from doing their vile deeds through people. Also pray that the police start arriving on time to prevent murders. Finally pray that citizens are not cheated of their right to self defence be it by weapons or open hands.

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