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Tithing facts

Tithing is the mechanism for funding the Gospel. Those who withhold tithes and offerings from the Lord are disobedient Christians, they won’t be ready for His return. By their disobedience, they hinder the gospel from going out, costing souls.

Many missionaries who go to remote places have already given up their possessions and thus live on a hand to mouth existence. They need the prayers and support of the Christians to further the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

However, when people go to church they hardly give even about 10 quid while they earn in thousands and lakhs per month. Stinginess right in the sanctuary of God – yes this actually happen right in front of you. The generosity is lacking big time.

I’d say unto them “If you can’t be generous towards God, why should you expect God to be generous to you”. Don’t say you need the money more than those people who never heard the Gospel and are in danger of hell fire and damnation. Greed isn’t a gift of the Holy Spirit. A loss of a Mac Burger is highly bearable and is nothing compared to the loss of a human soul due to some person not being generous towards God.

Support need not be in cash/cheque only. You might have old clothes, utensils, furniture etc. There are a good number of Christian organizations and units that ensure that the clothes will reach the faraway Christian mission to give clothes or goods to people who are living in ragged and dirty ghettos.

Try to give your donations to a place where the word of God is preached. Preferably your local church. You can also give money to credible church ministers/ministries who are directly involved in frontline preaching in villages & cities where the Gospel hasn’t been preached.

Never think then your donation is too less or you are too small to help the furtherance of the Gospel. That’s only the Devil trying to keep you from doing what it good.

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