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Prayer For Drug Addicts (Video)

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Using your conscience

A tactical attribute that every Christian must have is to listen to use one’s conscience. Your conscience keeps you focused on the will of God. It warns you about the dangers of sin. So you must pay attention to it.

Never become like the world which has a twisted conscience. Sometimes there are hardened criminals who have seared their conscience. These suppress all thoughts of goodness and repentance so that guilt doesn’t work on them. Such sinners won’t inherit the kingdom of God.

To you use your conscience is simple; you actually use it. Period.

You have your Sunday (or Saturday) church service to attend every week. On the next Monday you read in the news about an impending cyclone that’s due to rampage the coast on Wednesday. You don’t need to wait till your church preacher speaks about it on the following Sunday and then decide to help out. You can right away start interceding for the safety of those who are living in the coast. Why wait for the damage to happen to others when you prevent it? If possible you can also reach out to your church members to see if they can intercede along with you. If you feel you can do more than pray then go for it. See if you can provide moral and financial help. If you are able to volunteer in the relief efforts then please do so.

Isn’t temptation dangerous to the soul? If you know you find it hard to resist gluttony then take action to help yourself. Why eat a lot now and then feel guilty later? Nip the sin in the bud. Crucify the flesh and its desires.

Suppose a child is fearful of a stranger who lurks suspiciously around him at school for the last 3 weeks, would it help the child to keep quiet or actually ask the teacher or parents to tackle the stranger? You know full well that the kid must ask for help against the stranger. Then why when sinful thoughts of pride come to your mind do you allow them to lurk around? There’s no need to hide them from the counsel of the Lord God. You can be helped but will you ask for it? Ask Jesus to protect you against pride. Surrender all evil thoughts to God and ask for good and holy thoughts. If you may, reach out to a pastor to help you overcome pride. But don’t ever ignore the voice of your conscience when you feel that pride is not worth it. Why just tackle pride alone? There’s hate, envy, lust, deceit and other sinful things that your conscience will warn you, if only you pay attention to it. Keep yourself unstained by the ways of the sinful world.

When thinking about the will of God for your nation or family don’t adopt a ignorant attitude. Don’t say whatever is to happen will happen. Even Abraham decided to be specific about whom his son Isaac would marry. You can read all about this in Genesis Chapter 24 in the Holy Scriptures. If you know that your nation is getting more into racism then don’t turn a blind eye. Seek God in prayer and ask for justice. Ask for the end of racism. Don’t condone racism by your silence in front of God and also men, women and children. If your city is losing youngsters to drugs then let your conscience remind you that as a citizen you can report drug peddlers to the police. You can also get various NGO’s involved to get people off drugs.

The Lord God can speak into your conscience if only you let him. Read the Bible to understand his will for you. Pray in the Holy Spirit at all times. Hold on to the cross at all times. When voices of temptation speak of pleasures of deceit, listen to that still small yet firm voice of conscience that says ‘follow only the Lord Jesus and reject all sin’. You will find your conscience a little strict at first but later you will realize that it just wants you be in true union with God and his will for you.

God bless you and keep you.

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