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Justified (Poem)





Is a truth and no lie,
A sinful soul shall die.
Punished is wayward living,
With death and misgiving.

Sin cuts all loose ends,
Can’t see beyond the bends.
Freedom from sin is much in need,
A saving that is guaranteed.

No forgiveness without the shedding of blood,
Need mercy cover you like a flood.
Believe in Jesus to be saved,
No longer to be enslaved.

Sins price all paid by the Savior,
He saves from bad behavior.
Sanctified, blessed and purified,
Live your life that God be glorified.

In him and with him all confessed,
Truly, truly are you blessed.
I confess I am justified,
By faith in Christ crucified.


PS: This poem by me is non copyrighted, duplication is highly encouraged.

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