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Use your time wisely

Use your time wisely for it won’t come back. Every one gets 24 hours fresh everyday. Jesus is eager to see you use that time constructively and efficiently. Honor God in how you use time.

Spend your time doing good to yourself and others. Read the word of God, meditate on it and apply it. Excercise and eat healthy food instead of being on a couch watching T.V eating French fries and fish.

Avoid talking bad and also avoid listening to silly and useless things. Don’t waste time online reading recycled gossip about celebrities, sportstars etc. Instead read about the lives of the prophets, apostles and matyrs. Look out for testimonies about people who turned away from wicked livestyles and now are happy in Jesus Christ.

When travelling by bus, train, aircraft etc pray for the safety and salvation of fellow passengers. You may also listen to soft worship music or religious teaching on your phone or MP3 player when you are travelling.

If you have sufficient free time try to learn a new skill or hobby like painting, calligraphy, fishing, boxing etc. It can be any skill as long as its helps you positively.

There are many books about effective time management as well that you can refer to. I read Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey to improve on my time management skills. Besides this I read the Bible and pray for God’s guidance to use time well. As always the Bible has verses on how to use your time well. (I will write a seperate post on this later) You need to give heed to the principles that God has put into effect for optimum use of time.

Someone said that time management is just self management. Time utilization methods of the world try to focus on working out the present things that can affect your future. You may follow it as long as it doesn’t contradict the Scriptures. We being of the Spirit of God must not just limit our focus on things of the earth, we must think of life eternal in the afterlife.

‘What we do in life echoes in eternity'(from the movie Gladiator, I think?) is quite a profound truth. People who are considered great achievers on earth in sports, business and politics sometimes end up wasting everything at their lives end. Because they fail to hold the Gospel in their hearts. Maybe they rejected it or maybe they didn’t hear the Gospel.

So after they die the Evil One takes them to hell forever even if they sinned just once. Also, those who lived on earth but didn’t trust in Jesus at their final hour are tormented forever and ever in hell. All the good they did is forgotten and amounts to nothing for them. No wonder all those who believe in Christ must pray for those who don’t trust in Jesus as their true Savior. We can’t ignore praying for the salvation of the unsaved millions of the world.

Only if you have Jesus then your afterlife is eternally secure. So in this life I firmly say that living your life genuinely and faithfully for Jesus Christ is the best way to spend your time. I pray that your time in the love and service of our Lord Jesus never ends. Amen.


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