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Overload during worship?

Over a period of the last 10 years, I’d face a common trend over and
over again. The worst thing I was really clueless all the while
despite my best efforts.

Here it what I faced, when in deep worship I’d usually get some
revelations from God. Sometimes ideas of charity and tips how to
evangelize, tips how to drive out devils etc. On the outside it would
look good that one gets so many good ideas and words of wisdom.

The main issue was that such info overloaded did one main thing: I
would sit down to either write or pray about the revelation I got but
at the end I realized I’d completely be cut off from continual
worship. So from experiencing the fullness of God’s glory I’d end up
analyzing things. Its not a sin to discern but getting in to deep
introspection mid-way during worship is not a good thing at all.

So much so that in the past year I’d do more of praise and less of
worship.(Folks, there is a difference between praise and worship).
Because I was fed up of being distracted by the abundance of
revelations while in deep worship. I even avoid going to the chapel
due to this.

Then this year I got a revelation when not in prayer (yes it possible
to get revelations at the most unexpected time). It was that as God is
the Lord of Order he does not dwell in chaos. So he will NEVER
interrupt you worshiping him by even giving any thoughts.

So after this when I worship even if I’d get a lot of revelations, I’d
still continue to worship without bothering to stop and had a good
worship time ever after.

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