God’s holy angels


He gives them victory and light,
so that they win every fight.
They are God’s holy angels pure,
from age to age they endure.

They have quelled the great rebellion,
vanquishing the dark ones by the million.
They are much ready for the end of days,
always zealous to uphold the Lord’s ways.

They shouted with great joy praises and adoration,
knowing that with the Lord is lasting salvation.
Holy angels proclaimed the Savior’s arrival,
and will surely tackle those in denial.

Faithful are they to the Lord forever,
they serve him with might all clever.
Holy angels have aided God’s people on earth,
saving his faithful even in times of dearth.

The holy angels are fellow servants by every fact,
with those who hold on to Christ’s testimony to be exact.
Worship not the angels, let’s call a spade a spade,
For God alone deserves worship and never the angels whom he has made.

Ask the Lord for his angelic protection,
against those who despise divine perfection.
They are eager to observe we are told,
the glories of the Messiah to unfold.


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  1. Amen, our True GOD’S Angels are everywhere even when we don’t see them!!


  2. Very well done, human!😺


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